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Boyertown Children's Center

Our center in Boyertown located at 500 Sweinhart Rd, Boyertown PA 19512

Our Outdoor Classroom

Our playground is not “just for play”! It is a valuable place to learn! We love to run and shout, exercise, and perfect our gross motor and fine motor skills outdoors. But we also learn about the natural world, science, and math. We learn about temperature, weather, and seasons.

We measure, pour, and estimate volume with sand, dirt, leaves, snow, and water. We calculate distance and speed with ball

play, running , jumping, and bike play.

We learn about Bugs! Birds! Worms! Habitats!

We learn to play cooperatively and imaginatively. We learn in a group and we explore independently. The possibilities are endless, and we are always discovering something new! Indeed, our playground is a wonderland of outdoor learning, and the weather is part of our exploration and learning.

So, depending on the weather and season, please send in our jackets, coats, raincoats, boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves. Because we LOVE to go exploring outdoors, and we go outside every day! Even in the cold! Especially in the snow! Sometimes in a drizzle! Please label each item with our name, and teach us to store our gloves and hat in our coat sleeve. Layers work well in spring and fall.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, US Department of Health and Human Services, and The American Public Health Association all recommend DAILY outdoor play to keep children healthy, EXCEPT when the temperature is above 90, below 15, or when there is a significant air quality alert.

Thank you for helping us to experience the sheer joy of a childhood of outdoor play!